The parce module#

import parce


This Python package, parce, can be used to lex text into a tree structure using a language definition. The tree structure can subsequently be queried and transformed in various powerful ways.

The parce module is designed to be very fast, while being written in pure Python, using native data structures as much as possible. Lexing and transforming can be done in a background thread.

A key feature of parce is that you can re-lex and re-transform only modified parts of a text if you already have lexed it. This makes parce suitable for text editors etc. that need to keep a tokenized structure of the text up-to-date e.g. to support syntax highlighting as you type.

The module is written and maintained by Wilbert Berendsen. Python 3.5 and higher is supported. Besides Python itself there are no other dependencies. Testing is done by running pytest-3 in the root directory.

The logo is a public domain tree image with the name in the Gentium italic font. Why the name? It’s short, sounds like ‘parse’, and has the meaning of “friend”, “buddy”, “bro.” :-)


A screenshot of the debugger included with parceqt#

This manual documents parce version 0.34.0. Last update: Jun 16, 2023.

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