2022-03-14: parce-0.32.0

  • added XSLT language definition

  • Xml now has tag_action() classmethod to return the action to use for a tag name, this makes it easier to inherit Xml and add other actions to certain tag names, like DocBook and XSLT do.

  • when adding entries to registry, existing entries can be “inherited”

  • added section and author fields to registry entry.

  • documentation improvements

2022-02-12: parce-0.31.0

  • small API changes in registry module. Removed some global functions, old generic find() is now a method of Registry, and a fallback registry can be specified.

  • added DocumentInterface to more easily implement a (GUI text editor) document helper/proxy with the parce Document API.

  • added docio module, which adds save and load methods to Document using language specific IO handling, mainly regarding encoding

  • Document.modified is now a property; set_modified() has gone; the property is in AbstractDocument now.

2022-01-23: parce-0.30.0

  • added arabic and bagpipe pitch names to LilyPond words list

  • added the default octave to all pitch names in the LilyPond words list

  • added util.file_cache()

  • added cache_none parameter to util.caching_dict()

  • added the Document.url and encoding properties

2021-12-31: parce-0.29.0

  • added AbstractDocument.find_block_by_number, block_count and Block.block_number

  • added tree.Range, together with Token.range() and Context.range()

  • removed Context.tokens_range, context_trails, context_slices and slices

  • removed Context.tokens_bw and util.tokens_bw, added reverse flag to tokens()

  • Cursor and Block comparison methods are more robust now

  • documentation improvements

2021-12-21: parce-0.28.0

  • Cursor.selection() was added

  • a new decorator is added to mark Transform methods so that they accept untransformed contexts that would otherwise be silently ignored

  • Worker: when an exception occurs during a tree build or transformation, the state is set to idle, preventing hangs waiting for a condition.

  • basic LilyPond indentation was added (not yet complete)

  • an Ini transform was added

  • documentation improvements

2021-12-09: parce-0.27.0

  • added parce.Document.get_transform(), closes issue #4

  • new work module, replacing BackgroundTreeBuilder and treedocument module

  • util.Observable now uses a weak reference to methods.

  • Cursor move and select methods now return self, so they can be chained

  • added transform.Items.peek()

  • Transform.find_transform() now uses a configurable naming scheme

  • LaTeX parsing improvements

  • added CSV language definition and transform

2021-11-25: parce-0.26.0

  • improvements in Python Console parsing

  • fixes and improvements in LilyPond language parsing

  • MutableString factored out of Document

  • Document: undo/redo uses original changes, better preserves cursor positions

2021-11-11: parce-0.25.0

  • added LilyPond 2.23 syntax

  • remove some cruft to make API cleaner and somewhat smaller

  • make sure text in context or lexicon in context works in Python >=3.9 (issue #1)

  • documentation improvements

2021-04-11: parce-0.24.0

  • added test module for lang.numbers

  • added Nederlands, Francais and Deutsch to lang.numbers

2021-03-08: parce-0.23.0

  • added lang.numbers to parse english numbers

  • lexer: only advance position in circular target when pushing

  • scheme: fixed shorthand complex notations like 0+i, -i etc.

  • lilypond: recognize $@ and #@ as Scheme starters

  • small improvements and documentation improvements

2021-02-16: parce-0.22.0

  • general code cleanup and improvements

  • transform: add Items.arg, so a transform can access the lexicon argument

  • lilypond language definition:
    • fixed whitespace in list separator token

    • added fermata markup command

    • unit now has its own action Name.Builtin.Unit

  • scheme language definition:
    • better number parsing, now supports all features of Scheme/Guile numbers bin/dec/hex/oct, fraction, +/- inf, nan, complex, polar, exact/inexact

    • a helper function parsing scheme number tokens into a python value

    • test suite for scheme numbers

2021-02-11: parce-0.21.0

  • small change in GroupToken handling: now the last token has a negative index. This makes it easier to recognize the last group token in a stream.

  • adapt some more places where erroneously Python 3.8 syntax was used (asterisk in return or yield statements without parentheses).

  • lilypond language definition:
    • in lyric word, highlight tie and space separately

    • added many missing commands/words

2021-02-09: parce-0.20.0

  • don’t (yet) use positional-only arguments, keep python 3.6 support

  • simplified LilyPond tokenizing, removed identifier context

2021-02-07: parce-0.19.0

  • simplified LilyPond language definition, many improvements

  • rule.findmember now creates one dict under the hood which is faster

  • fixed deadlock when a rule in a lexicon derived the same lexicon

  • Lexicon.arg is now readonly (a Lexicon should be a immutable).

2021-01-31: parce-0.18.0

  • fix a treebuilder bug where different derived lexicons compared the same

  • here documents in bash are supported, other bash improvements

  • improvements to lilypond lexing

  • improvements to util.Dispatcher: tread safe and more powerful

  • more editor style properties were added to the themes

  • added pastel and solarized light and dark themes

  • improved terminal theme colors

  • small indenting fixes

  • added tests/themes.html to view the themes in a browser

  • added examples page to the docs, using the examples from the tests/ dir.

  • many documentation updates

2021-01-21: parce-0.17.0

  • fixed treebuilder.build_tree() function with root lexicon None

  • fixed multiple selectors in css prelude not working

  • fixed small formatting glitches with multi-theme formatter

  • Formatter can now handle _unparsed class, added debug theme

  • more colors in default theme

  • language examples in documentation are now rendered with parce

  • added chapter about syntax highlighting to documentation

  • many parce classes now have prettier repr

  • added Bash and C languages

2021-01-17: parce-0.16.0

  • redesigned theme and formatter module

  • HtmlFormatter is now usable and documented

  • fixed first ±10 tokens marked as updated even if they didn’t change

  • added Tcl and DocBook languages

  • many documentation updates and improvements

2021-01-12: parce-0.15.0

  • documentation switched to Furo theme, looks better on small devices

  • the rule item MATCH(n) has changed to MATCH[n], which is more uniform

  • the rule item char() has been renamed to chars()

  • regex.to_string() now supports named Unicode literals

  • fixed transformation of escaped text in Json

  • util.Switch can now be used as class instance, as descriptor

  • added methods to indent.Indenter to auto_indent, increase or decrease indent

  • added Document.append() to append text at the end

2021-01-02: parce-0.14.0

  • documentation updates and improvements

  • removed Context.source and (and their Query counterparts)

  • removed get_group_* functions from, added them as methods to GroupToken

  • Cursor.start is now Cursor.pos (in line with Token and Block etc.)

  • added document block api

  • added Document.token, Cursor.token and Cursor.tokens, etc.

  • Context.find_* and Context.tokens_range() are more robust now

  • added indent module

  • Event.tokens is now Event.lexemes to avoid confusion

2020-06-02: parce-0.13.0

  • documentation updates and improvements

  • added rule.anyof() and rule.gselect()

  • added the @lexicon consume argument, which puts a switching token in the target context

  • added transform.Items.grouped() and .objects()

  • TreeBuilder.replace_pos() now gets the index as second arg, not the slice

2020-05-18: parce-0.12.0

  • the built-in CSS parser now uses CssTransform to parse a CSS file instead of using the query module

  • added Transformer.connect_treebuilder() to keep a transformed result auto- matically up-to-date.

  • a BackgroundTransformer was added

  • the parent attribute of a tree Node now uses a weak reference

  • the group attribute of a _GroupToken is not a tuple of _GroupTokens anymore, it’s just an integer value indicating the index of the token in the group. This is done to annihilate circular references.

2020-05-13: parce-0.11.0

  • fix NameError: name ‘Escape’ is not defined in parce/

  • in the bundled languages __all__ is defined and from import * is not used anymore

  • documentation improvements

2020-05-13: parce-0.10.0

  • dynamic rule item infrastructure completely rewritten, rule items are simpler, more powerful and fine-grained

  • some modules have been renamed: action → StandardAction is now in standardaction, ActionItem in ruleitem stdactions → action

  • the rule item helpers are not in the parce namepace, but in parce.rule

  • the standard actions are not in the parce namespace, but in parce.action

  • parce.document.Document now inherits from Observable and emits events

  • fixed: AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘IfArg’

2020-05-04: parce-0.9.0

  • initial version of a transform module, that can transform a parce tree to any structure you want using a Transform class, potentionally using caching on contexts

  • added util.Observable, and use it in TreeBuilder to emit events

  • added unicharclass module

  • added using(), like in Pygments, it lexes a match with another lexicon

  • added JavaScript parser

  • added Python console session parser (with prompts)

  • added basic GNU Texinfo parser

  • added groff/troff parser, even includes LilyPond (as per the groff manual!)

  • fixed parsing resume when first part of a match was skipped or not used (e.g. r’( )(“)’, bygroup(skip, String) or r’ (“)’, bygroup(String))

2020-04-25: parce-0.8.5

  • restructured standard actions, easier to combine actions

  • improved default styles, added a template for new CSS styles

  • added oldfashioned terminal CSS style (see parce/themes)

  • parce is now fully recursion proof, there is no limit on the depth of a tree

  • added toml parser

  • added tex/latex parser

  • added HTML parser, building on the XML parser and supporting CSS

  • support score inside markup in LilyPond

  • added the registry module, and the main find() function

  • TreeBuilder.peek(start, tree) now also gets start position

  • default_action can now be a dynamic item (TextItem)

  • added the main maparg() helper

2020-04-07: parce-0.8.0

  • added documentation with examples for bundled languages

  • added ini file parser

  • added mapmember and mapgroupmember rule items

  • tree builder: simpler API, all types now simply use rebuild()

  • tree builder: while building new tree, keep old tree intact

  • tree builder: now it is possible to get fine-grained updates

  • added treebuilder.peek() functionality to get a quick first part of a build

2020-03-14: parce-0.7.0

  • bytext() and bymatch() are now generic “replacables”, they can be used to specify an alternative action, target or both in one go. tomatch() was not needed anymore and is gone.

  • much more replacables, all replacable items now inherit from DynamicItem, (except for Pattern)

  • make it possible to create derived lexicons, e.g. to parse here documents

  • improved LilyPond and Scheme parser

  • added JSON parser

  • lexer resurrected, now generates an event stream, which is used by the tree builder

  • documentation improvements, more examples in doc strings

2020-02-16: parce-0.6.0

  • Large improvements in theme module, MetaTheme working well

  • MetaTheme can render embedded themes with their own window style

  • Added formatter module to format/highlight/colorize text using a Theme

  • More queries in query module, and a query evaluates to False when no results

  • Smart Context.context_slices method that yields slices of nodes per-context for every range. When processing the nodes from each slice we know they originated in the same lexicon and language.

  • Documentation improvements, better cross-linking

2020-02-07: parce-0.5.0

  • Added CSS module to parse and use stylesheets, using CSS lang def

  • Added theme module using CSS to assign text formats to standard actions

2020-01-27: parce-0.4.0

  • Added testing using pytest

  • Added CSS parser

  • Improved LilyPond and Scheme parser

  • Documentation added and improved

  • Running pytest-3 now also validates all languages

2020-01-22: parce-0.3.0

  • Renamed to parce. Better, not a company name and sounds like ‘parse’

2020-01-21: livelex-0.3.0

  • add query module

  • fixed util.merge_adjacent_tokens()

  • optimize: when there is only one rule in a lexicon and the pattern does not use regexp classes or qualifiers, and there are no dynamic actions or targets that depend on a match object; convert it to a string and use str.find instead of

2020-01-15: livelex-0.2.0

  • API added to tokenize in background thread

  • qtdocument moved to livelex-qt

2020-01-08: livelex-0.1.0

  • Moved from pre-alpha to alpha :-)

  • Much more documention in code

  • Tree construction and partial rebuild very robust now

  • Standard actions defined

  • add lang/ as a sketch how to implement a language with lexicons

  • Full api in livelex.*

  • experimental QtDocument, implementing TreeDocument around a QTextDocument

  • Improvements in tree navigation and iteration speed

  • Nice find/replace methods for AbstractDocument

2020-01-02: livelex-0.0.7

  • Lots of new stuff, document, tree structure etc, old lexer gone

  • test/validation functions

  • Fix missing parentheses around two-character expression, e.g. when creating a regexp from [‘a’, ‘abc’]

2019-12-18: livelex-0.0.6

  • Fix AttributeError: module ‘livelex.regex’ has no attribute ‘RegexBuilder’

  • improve README

  • remove test cruft from language

2019-12-18: livelex-0.0.5

  • Initial release